Angry Birds Fandom and Hatedom

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Angry Birds is a video game franchise created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment. It’s fandom is too toxic for words, and so is it's hatedom, but they battle and get worse and worse.

Why Both Are Toxic

The Fandom

  1. They make poorly animated clickbait videos.
  2. They kin with the characters like they’re the best person in the world.
  3. They overrate it to death.
  4. They made foot fetish art out of Stella, Willow, and Gale.
  5. Some of them even draw R34 of Angry Birds (Mostly out of the female characters).

The Hatedom

  1. They call it a ripoff of Crush the Castle just because they are both slingshot-shooter games, when Angry Birds was inspired by it.
  2. Some people hate it just because of pig-abuse.
  3. They also call the series repetitive a lot when it's supposed to be about the slingshot.
  4. They call the other games in the series unoriginal like GO! being called a ripoff to Mario Kart, Pop being a generic bubble-shooter, and Blast and Match being generic match-three games.
  5. They hate on Angry Birds 2 just for it having a life system.
  6. Some people hate Angry Birds Toons (the cartoon series) just because the characters don't talk, when they don't talk in the games either.
  7. Some people want Rovio to change the series to make the pigs be the protagonists, but that won't happen because that's what the series is about.
  8. The Angry Birds Movie Hatedom is the worst part of the hatedom.

Reedeming Qualities


  1. There are good people like FunVideoTV, LuigiFan00001, and others.
  2. They didn’t rabidly bash Rovio for rejecting the characters who where introduced in “Angry Birds Stella”, although the company didn’t give a clear reason why they didn’t appear in the later games.
  3. There’s a lot of decent fanart of the main flock, Stella’s flock, and decent humanizations. In fact, some fans have their entire art gallery dedicated to Angry Birds, like sgm808/oko808 (Yaoya), and Nietvart (Edd). There are others who made Angry Birds fanart, except with more variety (komi114, MemQ4, and others.).


  1. There are some mature haters.
  2. They do have a point that some of the new Angry Birds games are boring.