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Welcome to your talk page!

Ummmm How you import a XML file to this wiki? Dragonborn268 (talk)

Angrybirdsfan: Can you delete this page because I just made a mistake.

Mar8122: I know you're dead, but I demand you to give me and ElSherlock an adminship!

I'm not dead. KamiDelgatoFckWikia (talk) 00:26, January 15, 2019 (UTC)

Mar8122: Good. Now block Knep because he's vandalizing pages!

Mar8122: Nutshack is actually Knep as he "vandalizing" Eddsworld page, again! BLOCK HIM!!!

Angrybirdsfan2005: Because vandals keep coming, we need more admins, like Me, Mar8122, and Elsherlock.

Mar8122: Yeah, I agree with Angrybirdsfan. We need more admins!

Angrybirdsfan: Hire me too!

ElSherlock: Please block this user named Ihateautists he's a troll and vandalizes pages!


Can I Become A Moderator?, I Helped Fight The Vandal While You Didnt Come Back! (LoranomniZod)

Me too cuz having one admin isn't good enough. Same goes to ElSherlock as he helps this wiki, a lot. Mar8122 (talk) 07:39, 3 April 2019 (UTC)